stranger history

invisible cities by Italo Calvino
strangers: danger & possibility
magic, princess,...
carnival : new orealand, brazil, mask, making fun of the church, dress up, Halloween. for one moment, they can be strangers to each other.
formal introduction, unless letters reference.
questionable immigrants, no one knows how to read them.
it's not about danger, it's about how to read the strangers.
18 century theater, noisy, party. 19 century
coffee house, gossip, market price there, democracy. a public as a body of opinion.
public park

19 century
responding to the the gesture.
hat, talk, at that place, class, allow a date,
no follow through, just this moment, over!

private culture, family life, less intimate, more formalized

when cloth mass manufactured... shoes still more hand made, reading details...
how about digital revolution, even harder to read someone.

women is expected to be read as virtuous, couldn't be so fashionable. bought the dress in paris, and put into the cabinet for 2 years to wear, (people hold back, like prada bag)

not interacting, so watch and to be watched.

invulnerability, cosmopolitanism, tolerance, detective novel came at this moment, noticing the tiny details...

social climate. identify criminal

paris commu, massacred, burn all the traces, property record, but burn everything
index card, operator,
a return to make things by hand DIY, art and craft movement furniture design

healing, they wanna to wake up. phenomenology.

feeling, expressing? the expressions are from intellectuals.
film, magic, seeing a stranger at distance...
the memory of the moving camera: deconstruct film
how film can see things, how editing can change your interpretations.

1920s, stranger interactions victorias, disconnection, the sights and sounds, you are inside yourhand while walking around.

seeking out interactions shows a desire to wake up?

inattension blindness http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inattentional_blindness
asking for directions, ??

how to read, how to trust, how to know they are dangerous? friend-friend recommendation.

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