what defines an adventure?
present, now, uncertainty, intensity, start & end, concern about while aging, to see the actual...
Casanova, fantasy, adventurer,
certainty is the illusion.
a adventure fail? risky. the adventure failed when you withdraw.
adventure became addiction?
chance & accessity gambler, resist
gambler & artist
self contained, autonomous, like art. freedom.
island, continent. really large
isolated island, adventure.
when adventure gets bigger...
genius, freedom, stepping outside the ordinary, doesn't see the rule, or boundary,
u believe in nothing. the likely is becoming the unlikely...
carneval, turn up side down...
life of continuity, vs. life of adventure.
getting out of constrains...
overcoming fear, challenge oneself, disclosing your vulnerability.
can adventure be planned?

history & culture,
Victorians property of man, they don't come to a good end.

talking with others while looking around. you read
norm, behavior, body grossness, living alone, no awareness, different interpretation...
what you noticed and how you interpreted it is also telling bits of you.

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