social fact: motivation

true for group may not be true for individual.
dilemma(no solution) problem
don't want to be rude, over write the intellectual decision. in competition
groups are always emotional, no purely rational.

real group: social synchronization. never solely externally purely defined. purely internal. hipsters, yuppies, only describe other people.

optional, volunteer, i am not in that group, so i don't say that.
mailing, synchronizing is better; real location, hard.

stop being aggregation, while started grouping.

cross the threshold, group fails, the group never really goes. people are busy...

curiosity group life shared understanding, individual goals and social goals

emotion outcome, make me happy. out of the transaction.

25 bucks to change the air ticket. "it's surcharge, or penalty."

regular transaction is quite emotion.

send the money =? flowers.

transactions, pollute with economic...

economy works, group couldn't just follow the economy.

social fact is nest. my wife is my wife, 10 bucks is 10 busks.

i got change back...
we are in the institution.

the proof. lost the piece of paper. assuring people, certification.

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