Reframe: dead leaves growing up to be flame

Project: Remix/Reframe
Assignment length: 2 weeks
Due Date: Nov 10
# of collaborators: solo/collab

"Artists today program forms more than they compose them: rather than transfigure a raw element (blank canvas, clay, etc.), they remix available forms and make use of data."

– Nicolas Bourriaud, Post-Production (p.8)

“Visual, sound, and text collage, for many centuries relatively fugitive traditions (a cento here, a folk pastiche there) became explosively central to a series of movements passing through Modernism to Postmodernism: Futurism, Cubism, Dada, Musique Concrete, Situationism, Pop, and Appropriation. In fact, collage, the common denominator in that list, might be called the art form of the 20th century, never mind the 21st. But forget, for the moment, chronologys, schools, or even centuries. As examples accumulate – Igor Stravinsky’s music and Daniel Johnston’s, Francis Bacon’s paintings, and Henry Darger’s, the novels of and the Oulipou group and of Hannah Crafts (the runaway-slave author who pillaged Dickens’ Bleak House to write The Bondwoman’s Narrative), as well as cherished texts that nonetheless tremble on the brink of outcast status for the subsequent discovery of their “plagiarized” elements, like Richard Condon’s novels and Martin Luther King Junior’s sermons – it may seem that collage and appropriation, mimicry, quotation, allusion and sublimated collaboration are the sine qua non of the creative act, a native urge cutting across all boundaries, forms and genres, across high and low, through both self-consciously sophisticated and “primitive” attempts to make those useless and essential artifacts we call culture.”

– Jonathan Letham, The Ecstasy of Influence

Ruleset: The terms of this assignment are simple.
Create a Remix, in which the content and form are reflected in each other.
The original(s) should be recognizable, but you should think about saying something new in your reframing/remixing of the original material.
As usual in ISCO, this cannot be a single channel work that appears on an unmodified screen, projection, monitor, etc.

I worked together with eddie and what we want to do is a remix of life and death, nature and civilization, the intrisic system of leaves and the system of fire, reframing the dry leaves, play with as if they are color pixels, to create a site specific nature graffiti. Also, we want to create a linear narrative, as people walking from faraway to close by, we want to play around the reversal recognition, making people feel those are leaves on actually fire, while afterward, realize that's just leaf graffiti.

This is our ideal site to put this piece.

Eddie and I tried to put it outside, but we failed due to the wind, the material.

Marina and our classmates' critique made us rethink of our project.
1, negative feeling in terms of the material: it's really true that using tape lost all the magic of this project. we missed the detail and we'd love to tie or sew the leaves on the net if we do it again, outside.
2, magic of the project: i understand that after marina pointing out the lost of the magic for our project. i feel our project is pursuing something really literal: reversal recognition, and ignore something subtle: visible vs. invisible; magic.
3, it's totally different if we put it outside, in a site, like the washington square park. that's our initial idea. we forgot to mention that. gallery setting gives people totally another experience. and we also would love people to experience in a linear way, from far, to closer, closer, so we should control the environment, so that people's interaction, distance will be controlled to fit our purpose. that's also what i see, the magic of the project, and how to play with the physical setting to affect people's behavior.

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