OQpR/C: make the invisible visible

a guest speaker visited our class: sousveillance culture: Richard Pell (Institute for Applied Autonomy) , and brought the topic of gene in the second part of his talk, not directly related to surveillance, but somehow, address the same issue (as far as i interpreted what he talked about myself): artists need to make invisible things visible to public, why something should be visible but being kept invisible, who should account for it? what's hiden inside the invisible.

i remember when i did my industrial design "energy pot" for red-dot I.D. competition, for saving energy, i also have this thought, to make invisible visible, but in an mild way, since those invisible is not because of someone hiding something, it's just because of how the world is. we can't see the energy being consumed and we don't have the sense of it. right now, the invisible thing is far more complicated coz that's purposefully invisible.

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