OQpR/C: secret vs. privacy, and power

after attending the conference : Radars & Fences :When the Paradigms of Discipline and Control Collide , the question about where the fine line should be drawn between secret and privacy always bothers me. should we be claiming anonymous online identity is human right? or should we force registration so to reduce the evil part from our gut growing in such an anonymous online world?

then here are some an interesting article the same day when i'm wondering the thing: The Myth of the 'Transparent Society'. "If I disclose information to you, your power with respect to me increases. One way to address this power imbalance is for you to similarly disclose information to me. We both have less privacy, but the balance of power is maintained. But this mechanism fails utterly if you and I have different power levels to begin with. " ---- Bruce Schneier .

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