When I'm looking into the window, If the outside where I'm is much brighter than the inside, what I'm doing is actually exposing myself to the person inside and what he/she could see is me and my outside environment, while what I could see is myself and my environment. If the outside is much dimmer than the inside, it seems I'm hiding myself to watch the inside. But I lost the ability to see myself. What I see is totally the inside.

It interests to me how the change of the light environment changes the function of the window: switching between reflection mirror and one direction glass. And the switch of the function to me also changes my role from an exposer to a peeper; or we could also say: from focusing and immerging into myself regardless of what's going on inside the window, to ignoring myself and merely concentrating on the person and the thing inside.

I'd love to do a project around this idea, to play with the "one direction" window.

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