I can't help comparing the door with the wall and the window. Say, it's a stranger's house. The wall separates the outsiders from the inside and makes them wonder what’s inside. The window satisfies the curiosity of these outsiders, but the outsiders are still outside, it's the state "I'm exploring the uncertainty with full confidence and sense of security since I'm still outside of the uncertainty, if it's not the uncertainty you want, you can just move your eyesight out of the window". Then here comes the door. It could reveal more secrets of the room since it invites outsiders to step into the room. But you'll get yourself into the unfamiliar situation, immersed into it, and prepared facing whatever uncertainty the place may bring to you.

Why the menu is always outside the door of the restaurant ? Once entering into the door of a luxurious restaurant, people feel embarrassed turning back and leaving after realizing the price is too high and the place is not suitable. Before stepping into the unfamiliar door, we want to get at least a little bit sense of certainty and courage.

When there's no window, no other cues what's inside the door, do you feel comfortable to open it? Because of the uncertainty given by the "door", the number/label/sign on the door plays an important and interesting role. I remember in a movie, a guy mistakenly entered into the female bathroom because the hanging plate on which writes "female" and "male" on each side, turns accidentally from "female" to the backside "male". People need the sign to expect what's inside and decide whether to step in.

Like entering into the wrong restaurant or bathroom, same thing happens to a lot of different types of "explorers": people wondering whether to immigrant, people tending to change their career, couples about to getting married. . . Those who face a choice, to act ?or to stay and watch without action.

Same thing also happens when clicking into the link in internet. We feel we'll get to what we want by the label. What if it's a link without label? Or the whole website with labels of links, but no word to say where it leads to?

Is there also the fear to knock the door and enter into it in virtual world? Clicking into the wrong webpage may get my computer infect in my real life. That's the fear in front of the door, so, to enter in or not, to click into or not?

While though those things happened, internet, most of the time, showing the scene inside the window-- screen, we always actually keep a distance with whatever inside the screen. we feel safe to be an internet explorer since we are not in the uncertain environment, but a familiar home, office, school, etc, looking through the screen into the virtual world. So from this perspective, there's no door in the internet. All of them, no matter how unexpected may be to enter in, are all windows.

So, if there's a door in internet, where's the door ?

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