sounds good!

public restroom is such an interesting place. it's where the most private and personal act happens, but it's also where we have to put ourselves in a public space, sharing the space, the facility, and the experience with strangers. the wall inside effectively keeps our privacy, visually, while ironically, makes our ears more sensitive. but unfortunately, the wall can't help blocking the sound.

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David said...

Meng this is fantastic, you are hilarious! It took me a second to realize where you were going with the cell phone, but it made sense and is a great use.

At first this quickly made me think about my friends and I that sit around and joke about bodily functions. We laugh for hours about how we have an entire room that we make to put things together and then put them in a big hole in the front of our face, then another room that we've made that's much more private to use later when we need to take the things out of a hole on the other side of our body. The first part of this project was exactly this!