how we see the world when we were little?

Last year when I was in seattle, I went hiking with my friends. When I was tired, I started with both feet and hands touching the ground and crawling. After being laughed at for a while, I started feeling that must be the way how I see the world, the grass, the earth, the tree, the insects, and the people, when I was little, that tall.

Another thing is I always enjoy my parents telling me my scary experience when I was 1 years old: living in the hospital as a little patient and dragging away the transfusion wire and throwing the bottle to the ground, for some reason. Is that me? I really wish I could have good memory of my baby time.

Also interesting when I was doing my shopping in the mall, being stared by a baby in his/her (not sure) baby cart for 2 min and 3 times. We always encountered and the baby always looked at me, no distraction.

So having experienced these things, I want to make a baby-Eye: to track what a baby sees by having the baby wearing a camera hat.

First of all, it's really interesting to learn from baby as an adult, see how the baby see the world. Even though parents and baby are always together, the thing parents see is different from their baby.

I want it to help parents know how the baby see the world, what they may be more interested in, what they may be more focusing on, baby likes to imitate other's behavior, so it would also be nice to get the source why they behave in certain way if we could follow baby's eyes.

It's also be good to leave a memory or evidence for the baby him/herself, so that when they grow up, they could be reminded what great things they've done when just came into the world.

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