break the wall -- network objects

Break the Wall

collaborated with sunghun kim and elim cheng

project URL:

a kinetic performance of a wrecking ball hitting the wall. the performance is controlled by internet users' clicking the button on the "breakthewall" website. every 10 clicks (either 10 people from the internet clicking, or 1 person obsessively clicking 10 times) will trigger 1 hitting action. the performance will be broadcasted through ip camera to the internet. so your tiny action online will have real impact on the real life.

this is the interface you'll see in your browser, either sitting in the quiet office, in front of your depressing boss, desperately trying to find a way to escape behind your screen, or in seattle, on the bus, having nothing to do, thinking of seeing how wall is doing in new york with you iphone.

some of you may wonder where is the wall exactly, and "da da da da! "here it is!!

building process and technology

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huangkuan said...

I was very impressed by this project. Really love it!