weather map --- 1945 / 1985 sihe garden

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The garden is called Sihe Garden, in Beijing. The picture above was my grandpa's parents' house, with different rooms which my grandpa, his brothers, his sisters lived. Different rooms have different conditions and could only be used by certain people, e.g. my grandpa's sisters can not live in the position where my grandpa lives. Different rooms represented how high the status was. Parents were living in the middle main room. The oldest son of the family was No.1, living in the left wing of the garden, then the second son, living in the right wing. And sisters can only live in the backyard. The weather refers to their status.

The picture below was the same house, but in 1985. The change of the society affected the use of the garden. There were different families SHARING this garden, and they were under different family names. There were no "higher, lower" statues anymore and basically, everyone was equal and the same.

In terms of the narrative, the important nformation on the corner was missed by most readers. It's better to use diferent fonts.

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