here really comes everybody~~

same thing how people question, criticize mainstream media, (this example is sing dao daily, a hongkong based newspaper) by using their collective power on internet, by using tele-presense: cameras, dvs, social network websites, webpages, or even just comments against false and misleading news photos on mainstream or huge media corp.

Sing Tao rises to speak up on behalf of the police. There is a website (no URL) prepared by a private citizen that included comments from citizens as well as police officers. Among the comments were by a police officer about the demonstrators: they "used long poles and stripped down iron bars to stab us, they also used slings to fire iron bolts and it was super-painful when we get hit." The statement about the sling shots was supported by the Hong Kong Police Supervisors Association Vice-President Lau Tat-keung. Lau said that the demonstrators had three years of military service, they wore life vests that can ward off the blows from police truncheons and they used slings to shoot iron bolts. This showed that they came prepared. (Note: You can read more at The Police Stories at WTO).

In the middle of this half-page feature on page A4 of Sing Tao, there is a photo of a man wearing a gas mask and firing off a sling shot. The words at the top left corner of this photo are (in translation): "The anti-WTO demonstrators used powerful slings to shoot iron bolts at the anti-riot police."

And this is how sing dao daily react to the mass critique.

The following item appeared in a small box on the editorial page (A18) on Thursday, January 5, 2006. I thank a journalist in another newspaper of the Sing Tao group for pointing that out to me.

(In translation) Notice of Clarification: On January 3, our newspaper had a report on page A4 titled "Sling used to fire screw bolts, Police hurt painfully" with which there was a file photo of a Venezuelan demonstrators using a sling. The source of that photo was not noted. A reader has written a letter to point out that this can easily cause misunderstanding. Our newpaper thanks the reader for pointing that out, and we apologize for having caused any midunderstanding.

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