each stroke per country

As long as there are human beings, there will be conflicts. With the globalization, the conflicts will increase because of more and more interactions. To solve the problems from conflicts without using war, we are required to have a globalized mindset: open minded and could respect and appreciate and critically think about the conflicts.. How much we know about other cultures? how to be more tolerant towards difference?
Believe or not, we adult, all have bias, because of the different cultural and historical background, different language, different channels of information, different values and ideologies and different interests. Teens don't have that strong and well-shaped background, but they are also not simply a blank piece of paper. So I'd like to create a community for teens to expose them to different cultures and make them participate in. Though teens from all over the world speak different language, drawing is the universal language. So I want to design a community for them to draw.To make it fair, each teen could only draw one continuous stroke, then waiting for teens from other countries to draw. The color representing different courtiers based on IP address will indicate whether it's your turn.I'm also thinking to encourage some meaningful interactions. Not just "hey, how old are you?" but a bit deeper at how they regard global issues, such as wars, environment problems, Olympic games. So they are encouraged to draw on top of existing pictures or drawings of those topics.

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