Addiction to camera, internet radio and porn

When Steve Mann took off his wearable camera to go swim, he felt uncomfortable. When one day in the summer 2007 when I came to my special intern office, as usual, turned on the computer, the first thing, typed "pandora.com" in my browser to listen to the web radio, it was shown that "please support internet radio and prevent it from being banned, so today, we don't have internet radio all over the country" something like that. Then I even didn't know how to do my work!! I can't sit in the office without internet radio, I suddenly realized. Same thing with technology mediated sex. Imagine, one day, people get used to internet porn websites, coz it's like internet radio, a lot, you can simply switch if you don't like, you can replay if you like that, no risk, no cost, keep it secret… so many good things. It's very understandable that certain type of people(long distance, senior people, disabled people, etc.) will not only like it, but may get addict to it. Addiction is interesting. People sometimes feel guilty about their addiction, but still can't help doing it. Then, there was a project coming to my mind, gallery based, a TV with porn and a seat where people sit on to watch TV, the longer you are sitting on the seat, the blur the porn is. (I've searched for a long time, but failed, will add the link later if it's lucky to hit my face again). It's hard to imagine if we stop porn website one day, what will happen?

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