party box midterm p-com project with anderson miller and alberto tafoya
our midterm p-com project is about folding. originally, we want to use sensors and what we learnt to enrich a simple and common action- folding. we tried paper, soft cloth and then end up with cardboard box.

we observed how people fold labcoat and it was very fun to watch different behaviors and each person could show their personality based on how they fold the coat. there are many places where we can use our sensors: shaking, folding, stretching...

i've learnt a lot from andy and albterto. exp. the bluetooth communication, the generic thing to make our dimmer, and our lab coat talk with arduino wirelessly.

we had problem dealing with the coat. though i really want to play with the conductive fabric, thread and lili pad, we decided not to go for the coat this time, but cardboard.

the final thing we ended up with is a party box. the user scenario is when we open the box, it will trigger music coming out and also light brightening. when we fold them piece by piece, the music and lights will be dimmer based on which part you are folding up.

tnhe documentation is weak in this project, we tried and explored a lot. it's more about preparing for the next project. also, it teaches me to keep the blog from the very beginning, will be a good idea for both communication and documentation. part of the documentation photos are in the p-com set here

other p-com pictures are here:

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