classification & hybridization, and not just happens to geographical culture, but every culture

Classification comes from the increasing complexity in our life, the more complex, the more need to break into groups, classify and define them into. Thus, in the post modern time, there are so many classifications under so many categories: art, technology, education; east culture, west culture; thinking, making; etc.

Same as thousands of years ago, our ancestors started making classifications on their roles, such as fishers, hunters, wood cutters, rice growers, then started exchange and communication.

If we say classification is the necessary step in the complex system being explored and discovered, then the next step after classification: "post-classification" will be the "speaking and listening" between different classes, the tangible goods exchange as well as the intangible things, such as ideas, ideologies, cultural capitical, etc. Here comes the hybridization, which is not just from geographical difference: different nationalities, different areas, but also from organizational differences: different classes, different majors (HCI is a product of hybridization after the clear classification between art and technology for so long time ).

See it's so natural to end up with hybridization. But what's the result of those necessary hybridization?

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