what's the post-online?

Technology brings internet, and brings strangers together on line. online, from physical world to virtual world... right we are experiencing the online life now. We, a specific group of people, this generation in this part of the world at this time period.

Then what's the next after the online period? human beings are funny and can't stop changing the current situation, and jumping back to the old good days or jumping out to the rest of the world. But the good thing is those jumps are not silly actions and simply going back. Those jumps are critical and creative jump. That reminds me of the spiral evolution theory.

Now, online, then, post-online... so what is post-online time? Questioning, and de-constructing the online structure by changing the form? How about the core?
what's still there? the basic original human needs... both material and spiritual, e.g. communication, expression, knowing who I am, who he is...

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